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Keep Around

Keep Around is the last game I have been working on.

I have done all the 3D art in the game, tech art and UI.

The default pipeline started in modeling in Maya, then sculpting in ZBrush, textured in Substance Painter and finally imported all the models to unity.

The main gameplay screen of the game takes place on the top of a mountain at night. I wanted to create a tensed but warm environment so I decided to add fire as a key element in the scene.

The lighting process o the scene was so much fun! 

Creating an interesting vision by balancing two major colors - Orange and blue.

Keep Around is a tower defense game.

The main mechanic of the game lets you rotate the stone rings with the turrets / enemies on them in order to survive the wave.

After deciding on the game's art style I stated designing the UI.

I wanted it talk the rocky and stony feeling that the game provides.

Finally, I created this UI sheet.

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